I adore typewriters.

Sure, I love any technology that makes the writing process easier. The sound and feel of a keyboard is soothing to me and I couldn’t live without the Notes app on my iPhone.

Still, a lot of my work starts with simple pen and paper. As much as I love the tactile sensation of a keyboard, I simply adore the sensory feel of a pen or pencil gliding across the page.

But nothing beats a typewriter for a pure sensory experience.

I found this beautiful Underwood typewriter at the Toronto Antique and Vintage Market last Fall, but its price was far beyond my reach at the time. Fully operational, with well-worn keys and hints of rust, it was a stunning piece of writing history and a connection to the lives of writers that came before me.

I don’t feel that connection when I sit at a keyboard.

Walking away from that Underwood was almost painful. I felt like I was leaving a great mystery behind, one that I desperately wanted to solve. I returned to it several times before finally letting it go and took this photo to remind me of the one that got away.

(Image credit ©Darlene Collins)

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