My Muse? She’s a runner. If I’m too slow, too inattentive, she’ll run gleefully ahead without me. She wants the challenge, the friction. Needs it. Won’t show up without it. And I’m not saying that she comes to the party fully dressed – not all of her ideas are good ones. But I chase her anyway, lest she run off with the best of them. – Darlene Collins

I always feel as if I’m chasing one idea or another.

Story takes a runner, and if I’m not prepared or paying attention, I lose the thread before I can unravel the whole. A feeling that I’ve missed something monumental remains, but the body fades, the idea lost.

But, not today.

Today I will drop everything and surrender to the madness. I will run it down and wrestle it into submission.

Today, I’m suited up and ready for a marathon.

Shoes on. Ready to run. Bring it.


Words by © Darlene Collins
Photo © Dylan Nolte / Unsplash

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