I originally posted this on my Instagram on August 28 and forgot to post it here. It was written on the day that Pumpkin Spice returned to Starbucks, hailing the unofficial end of summer a week too early!

Even though today is September 1st, I still haven’t given in to temptation. I am holding out until next week and taking one into work with me. I’m going to need it if I must leave another summer in the dust.

Nice try Starbucks, indeed.



(Text credit © Darlene Collins, Photo credit © Luke Porter)


So today is officially the start of Pumpkin Spice everything at Starbucks. Coffee lovers everywhere are collectively losing their sh*t. And yeah, I’m one of them.
This is Canada. Slow your roll people. Don’t wish the heat away.
I know you want relief. I’m with you there. This summer has been especially hot and destructive. There have only been a handful of summer days with temperatures below 30 ℃ and the humidity has been brutal. But there is still one week left before the kiddos return to school. Summer isn’t over yet, and frankly, a lot of us are in denial about the whole thing.
Personally, I know that once I take that first sip of Pumpkin Spice goodness, I’m a goner.
Soon enough, I’ll be wrapped up in a big sweater and drinking a warm, pumpkin spice latte from an oversized mug.
But not today.
I’m going to suck up every last fleeting summer sensation. I’m going to bask in this godawful heat and humidity for just a little while longer and let it sear into my memory.
Because in the deepest despair of the cold winter months, I’ll long for that feeling of someone throwing a hot, wet blanket on me as soon as I step outside.
This is Canada after all.

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